[NEWS] 130315 Ilhoon @ G.Na’s “I want to hear more talks about me being prettier” interview


Coming back to the entertainment industry after being on hiatus for 10 months, soloist G.NA reveals that she wants to listen to talks about her being prettier”.

On 15th March, while waiting to perform for KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank, G.NA spoke to StarNews, “I’m coming back  with a more heart-racing, anticipating heart”, and “I want to be closer to the public with my lovely and beautiful side”, she expressed.

On the 14th, G.NA released her 4th mini album ‘Beautiful Kisses’ and has received hot attention as she made her comeback.

The title track ‘Oops!’ has a sweet melody that complements G.NA’s mix of loveliness and sexiness. G.NA has transformed with a striking red short hair for this comeback, suiting to the spring feels of the season.

Not long after the release of ‘Oops!’ music source, it has rose to top spots on various real-time charts and proved her popularity. G.NA expressed, “I am still not feeling the reality yet” and “Those who saw my music video, although I’ve put on light make up, lots of them said I was pretty”, she laughed brightly.

G.NA continued, “There are some who are disappointed as they were anticipating a song with stronger beats and a more choreographed dance, and “In order to show a variety of images, I will work my best, so I hope they will wait for it”,


For her comeback this time round, she had joint forces with BTOB’s Jung IlHoon. The song portrays how an agressive older woman replying to IlHoon’s rap.

Having made her comeback on MCountdown on the 14th, G.NA  and IlHoon presented a sweet serenade as they cheekily push and pull with their love story, further adding to the perfection of the song.

G.NA explained, “At first, (regarding her cooperation with Jung IlHoon), I worried a lot, but now it’s really interesting” and “Jung IlHoon is younger than me by 5 years, so I only thought of him as a kid, but he has this very mature side of himself. He personally wrote the lyrics himself and it’s like his own story, so it’s like another story within a song”.

Towards how G.NA would want a ‘younger men’ as her real boyfriend, she answered, “I actually don’t really like it (younger men)”, similar to what she has said previously. G.NA laughed and she continued, “Even then, as I prepare for this song, I’ve seemed to be more ‘open minded’ towards ‘younger men’”.

Meanwhile, G.NA will be starting her promotions on various broadcast stations. After her domestic activities for 4 weeks, she will then immediately start her Japan tour.



Source: Star News
Credits: loveindacube
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
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