[NEWS] 130329 Hyunsik in the eyes of his father, Im JiHoon?

T/N: Im Hyunsik is the son of Im JiHoon, a folk singer who has been in the music industry since 1987.

– We heard that your son debuted as a singer.

“Im Hyunsik who is currently promoting under idol group ‘BTOB’ is my son. I couldn’t see much of his face lately. Since he has ventured in music, I hope he makes a good musician. I hope he gains experience, faces hardship and mistakes, so that he can grow into a well-groomed musician. It’s good if he gets to excel in music through tough experience. I would be even happier if he becomes a global artist, so that he could promote Korea’s culture globally.”

– Son in the eyes of the father.

“Before my son debuted, I thought idols do lively songs. But when I observed the debut process, that’s not the case. I was shocked. As compared to what I’ve thought, it requires lots of hard work. In order to be singer, they have to dance, sing, write lyrics, compose and many other more without breaks. And because they have to show a good image on the outside, they have to take really good care of their exercise and diet plans. They read a lot and really spend the day busily. 24 hours seems to be not enough for schedules to be carried out. I was surprised at this. As they sing, they are also like workers. When I think about them ‘working on music for 8 hours and above?’, it made me embarrassed. When I look at my son, I felt that I saw something different than myself.”


Source: Segye
Credits: loveindacube
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
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