[NEWS] 130329 G.NA wins First, Dances finger-dance with Jung IlHoon

G.NA has held onto her promise for winning first on ‘Music Bank’.

On the 29th broadcast of KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, G.NA beat out competitor Busker Busker and claimed the number one spot for the week.

Prior to the official announcement, G.NA, together with Davichi and Girls Day had a short interview in the waiting room.

Special MC, Teen Top’s Niel asked, “Today, you’re nominated for the number one spot. If you win first today, what type of performance you’re planning to put on?”.

G.NA revealed, “I think my title track ‘Oops!’ has come out well thanks to BTOB Jung IlHoon” and, “If I were to win first, I and IlHoon will dance the finger-dance.”

After announced that G.NA was the winner for the week, G.NA who couldn’t grasp the reality expressed thanks to her agency representatives as tears filled her eyes. She continued, “Mum, I love you. Dad, I’ve achieved number one,” expressing her grateful thoughts.


Credits:StarToday, SBS Entertainment Sports

shared by: lau@BTOBportugal.com
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