[INFO] 130404 Cube Entertainment’s Twitter Updates about BTOB’s comeback


@cubeunited 현재시각 01:33 경기도의 한 세트장

[TRANS] The time now is 01:33 one of the sets in Gyeonggi-do


@cubeunited 미녀기 뭐해요? 궁그매궁그매 >_<

[TRANS] What is Minhyukie doing? Curious curious >_<


@cubeunited 이 긴 긴 촬영이 끝날 때까지 같이 깨어있어주는 사람이 많으면, 차례차례 힌트가 나갈 수 있을거같은데…어때요?

[TRANS] Before this long recording ends if there are still many people awake, gonna give out hints one by one… how is it?


@cubeunited Okay, 그럼 같이 달려볼까요? 자, 첫 번째 힌트!

[TRANS] Okay, then we’ll start together? Then, first hint!


@cubeunited 2nd Go Back!


@cubeunited Zzzzzzz….


@cubeunited 역시, 의리의 큐브패밀리들! 감동스러버라 ㅠㅠ 아직 촬영 끝은 멀었지만 내일을 위해 그만 주무시라고 곧 마지막힌트 나갑니다! 그리고 다음주를 기다려주세용!!

[TRANS] As expected, a determined cube family! So touched ㅠㅠ Although the recording still has a long way to go but for the sake of tomorrow please sleep Later on will give you the last hint! And please anticipate for next week!!


@cubeunited #BTOBBACKAGAIN



@cubeunited 130410 #BTOBBACKAGAIN 두 번째 고백

[TRANS] 130410 #BTOBBACKAGAIN Second Confession



Source: Cube’s Twitter // trans: fyeahborntobeat & FYEAHBTOB
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
Please take out with full credits


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