[INFO] BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play” Thanks To


Eunkwang’s Thanks To

[TRANS] First of all, who has always been there for me I thank and glorify God. And my strong support! My beloved Father, Mother, EunChongie, I’m really happy to have you. The one who chose to believe in the 7 BTOB members our Father President Hong SeungSung, Mother Representative Shin JungHwa. We continue to work hard through the good words and advice of Boss Park ChoongMin, Vice President Noh HyunTae, Boss Lee SooHyun, Director Kim HyungKyu, Advertisement Marketing Director Oh JiHo, Our pillar YongWoonie Hyung, the best manager and Malaysia’s prince JiYongie Hyung, and because I have Hyung I am strong YongHyunie Hyung. Stay together for a long time with SuMi noona, JongWonie Hyung. Continue to smileYongBokie Hyung, SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, JinTaekie Hyung, HyeJung Noona and Bubble Tea (Bubble Chan) YoungChanie Hyung! TaeMinie Hyung, Although it was a short time it was very fun BumJoonie Hyung! Best in the universe Rookie Development Team! I thank you for a lifetime Director Park JaeHyun, has a difficult time but working hard Team Leader Shin MinJung, almost gone crazy a lot of times Angel SangMi Noona, just a Hyung that’s really good keke IlShikie Hyung, Getting prettier little by little SeNa Noona, unfortunately I was not there to greet you KangMinie Hyung, and WoonSunie Noona, TaeHyunie Hyung, DongMinie Hyung, Ah! And our Queen Mom JungEun Noona! I miss you~^^!

The one who made our allbum Mr. Jo SeongJoon, our country’s genius composer Kim DoHoon, The next generation royalities chaebol (tycoon) SangHyukie Hyung, Thank you for making good songs Composer YongChan, and sorry for having to teach me during recording sessions keke. JaeBinie Hyung, you are this era’s best composer as the maker of our songs!! JaeWoo Hyung, YongBae Hyung! From now on, let’s definitely work well together^^!! Management Support team Supervisor Kim SangGyoon, Proxy Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona! Since the time of our Trainee showcase working together in one team Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Proxy Kim DokHwan, My friend JiSunie! Fandom Worry NO! Fan Marketing Team’s SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona! Media PR Team’s HyoJin Noona! The sparkling idea bank Planning Team’s InYoung Noona, JiA Noona, YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWonie Hyung! For making us come out cool and pretty art team’s JungChanie Hyung, JungHye Noona, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona! the always cheerful and cool Mario Sunbaenim. I really learn a lot from watching you! The best artist Beast sunbaenim! Thank you for being approachable!4Minute Sunbaenim! The one that doesn’t lack in beauty G.Na Noona! Surprised with his out of this world vocals Huh Gak Sunbaenim! During trainee days they were my hoobae, but now they are my sunbaenim who else other than the 7 fairies of A Pink! Expect a lot in the future!! My friend JiHoonie! This is everyone in the CUBE family! I sincerely thank you and I love you^^

Our cool choreographer we have troubled overnight, SeHwanie-hyung, TaeBumie-hyung, OkSunie-hyung! The best hair and make-up team! Kangho the Red Carpet* Kangho Director, Teacher YoungRan, WookJae-noona, HyoJung-noona, TaeJin-noona, Ms. JooYoung, Teacher YooJin, Teacher SeNa including all staff members. Because of us we’ve given them much trouble, the best costume team HeeWon-noona, HeeRan0noona, EunHye, HanSaemie, the cool people that takes good pictures I cannot believe SangMu-hyung, Sir Kim YoungJun! Writer Mok NaJeong! Fantasy’s M.V team Director Hong WonKi from Zanybros! Everyone, I really thank you. Until now, we’re like one, all of our Vocal teachers Teacher Lee SangGon, Teacher Hong SeokMin, Teacher Kwon ChaeRin, Teacher Song YooMi, Teacher Kim RaeHee, Teacher Ja JiEun, Teacher Lee GilSang, where the teachers stay I am there. And when I see him he smells of smoke Teacher JangHoon, Owner of beautiful fantasy’s Acrobatics Teacher HoonGyu, I continue to thank the best health trainer Teacher SeongYong, I’ll work hard on my Japanese..! teacher Nobue, Teacher JiHoon and Teacher MinAh^^! These are all the teachers! Thank you for making me who I am.

NOTE: *Kangho the Red Carpet is a salon where Korean idols go for hair and make-up. This is where you can find artists (other than BTOB) such as Beast, 4Minute, Infinite, etc.


tumblr_mdk7luNtAo1r55hpmMinhyuk’s Thanks To

[TRANS] Finally! Finally!! Finally!!! BTOB’s second mini album is released!! Mom and dad who are the most prettiest and coolest in the world and the best older brother! And my family, I love you so much and I love you again. Hong SeungSeong CEO, thank you for blessing us with “BTOB”. We will repay you by becoming the best. Representative Shin JeongHwa, President Park ChoongMin, Vice President No HyunTae, President Lee Soohyun, Director Kim HyungGyu, Director Oh JiHo, thank you very very much. Always doing their best for BTOB our hidden members! YongWoon Hyung, JiYong Hyung, JongWon Hyung thank you. Without hyungs there wouldn’t be us!! And to the very precious rookie development team who gave me a chance! Be happy forever! Director Park JaeHyun, MinJeong Noona who found ‘Invisible Fighter’ Lee MinHyuk, gain some weight! SangMi Noona, and SeNa Noona, WoonSeon Noona, Ilsik Hyung who I miss again, Kang Min Hyung, thank you all so much. Director Kim DoHoon who went through a lot of trouble and gave us a great song, Im SangHyuk PD who always cares about us, JaeWoo Hyung who is with us in the recording studio, YongBae Hyung, I will fly higher than everyone Composer YongHan, we will make you copyright tycoons keke!! JaeBin Hyung who did the recording, General Manager Engineer Jo SeongJoon who mixed our song perfectly, thank you. YongBok Hyung, SeHun Hyung, JunGeon Hyung, JinTaek Hyung, JiHo Hyung, HyeJung Noona, YoungChan Hyung, TaeMin Hyung, thank you. Always drive safely!! HyoJin Noona who is with us from interview practises to the venue of the interview thank you. SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona in the Fan Marketing Team thank you. You’re fans too right Noonas~? YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWon Hyung, InYoung Noona in the Planning Team, Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JeongHyun, Assistant Manager Kim DeokHwan, Chummy(!) JiSeon in the Visual Arts Team, Director Kim SangGyun, Assistant Manager Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona in the Management Team, Director Park JeongChan, Team Leader Lee JeongHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona in the Art Web Team, thank you all so much. SeHwan Hyung, TaeBeom Hyung, OkSeon Hyung who stay up all night to think of new choreography, thank you. Tinkerbell HwaeWon Noona, HeeRan Noona, EunHye, HanSem and SeonGyung Noona thank you for always dressing us in nice clothes. Director Kang Ho at ‘Kang Ho the Red Carpet’ who always looks happiest styling hair including YoungRan Noona, HyoJeong Noona, OkJae Noona, TaeJin Noona, thank you. General Manager Joo Young, Teacher YooJin, HyeMi Noona, SeNa Noona who draws our eyeliner that is like our life, thank you. General Manager MinJi thank you! Director Hong WonGi and Zanybros who filmed our cool M/V! The handsome Photographer Mok NaJeong who took our jacket pictures, SangMoo Hyung, General Kim YoungJoon whom we are always thankful to, thank you. Thank you to Lee HanYoung PD at ‘THE SHOW’ including all the staff who gave us many opportunities and advice. Apologies for not being able to see you but we are always thankful. Thank you Kim SeokYoon PD. Though lessons were tough, the cool guy who helped a lot and made lots of memories with! GyuSeong Hyung, attach winnings!! JeongGwan Hyung, thank you. Pretty Teacher HyeJin who always cares for us, thank you! Thank you to Teacher SangHee who is very courteous. Teacher UiJeong, Teacher GilSang who have beautiful voices, Teacher JangHoon who gave me confidence in acting, I ‘know’ the sky Teacher HoonGyu, the best health trainer Teacher SeongYong, seeing you at the broadcasting stations was more meaningful BeomJoon Hyung! Though it was a short period of time, thank you very much Teacher YooRi. Cube artists that are really cool, 4MINUTE, BEAST, G.NA, MARIO, HUH GAK, A PINK seniors I want to be like you. Let’s get to know each other more!! Our dorm mate JiHoon! Let’s hit the jackpot!And ‘Lee Minhyuk’ would not have happened without Park Gong, JjiPpong, YongSoo, BaeJjae, DaeMal, DaYo, I miss you. If only the days would come quickly… Until that day let’s do our best in whatever position we’re in! My university classmate DaeSung, SangHyun! Also YeongDeok, successful GyeongPo, and our CUBE trainees who are both good-hearted and great let’s all become successful and meet at the broadcasting studios!! HanByul Hyung who always takes care of me like his real younger brother, and though it’s hard to contact each other Won Hyung, YongSuk, SeungWook, MinJong we must meet after we become successful…Always supporting you! Lastly, BTOB members… EunKwang, ChangSub, HyunSik, DongGeun, IlHoon, SungJae… I’m really thankful that we can do this together. Like what I always say let’s become the best!! Fighting!! In addition, everyone who gave me strength and support and our Melodies!! I will become the “Lee MinHyuk” who always does his best. Once again thank you to everyone. I love you!!!!



Changsub’s Thanks To

[TRANS] I want to give all thanks and glory to God, for giving me an opportunity to be where I am. I am very thankful because I didn’t go to church and came to You only when I needed you. And I thank my mom and my dad for giving birth to me, and raising me with good health. To my one and only sister Jungeun, I love you^^

I also want to thank our President Hong Seung Sung for putting me on stage. Representative Shin Junghwa-nim I thank you! I also want to thank CEO Park Choong Min-nim and the CEO Lee Soohyun-nim. To Representative Choi Jinho-nim, I thank you so much for holding onto me to not to lose my dream^^ To Co-CEO Noh Hyuntae-nim, I always thank you.  Department manager Kim HyungGyu-nim and Head Instructor^^ thank you!! Department Manager Im Yongwoon-nim, I always thank you. Thank you Department Manager Park Yongbok-nim. A-Cube representative Hong Il Hwa, thank you!! To Jiyong hyung, who is always so full of energy, thank you ^^, Sehunnie hyung, Jun-Gun hyung, Jiho hyung, Jintaek hyung, Hyejung Nuna, YoungChan hyung, Taemin hyung, thank you! To Yonghyun and Jongwon hyung, whom I am the closest to, thank you^^ To our fan manager Soyeon nuna and Dayeon nuna, thank you for managing our fans and take our pictures.

Thank you Head of Department Hyojin-nim, who helped to get our name known by introducing us to a lot of news reporters.  Department Manager Oh Jiho-nim, thank you, Assistant Manager Lee Inyoung-nim, Jia nuna, Daewon hyung and Yeonsoo hyung, I thank you so much! Thank you Kim Dohoon manager-nim, department chief Cho Sungjun-nim, Im Sanghyuk producer-nim, Yongchan hyung and Jaebin hyung, for giving us really cool songs^^ Best composers Jaewoo hyung and Yongbae hyung, stay with us together^^Thank you! Also want to thank to Kim Jonghoon Manager-nim, Jung Junghyun team manager-nin, Kim Duk Hwan Assistant Manager-nim, Jisun nuna, for filming and editing our fun footages so nicely. I want to thank that Visual Art team’s Park Jungchan Manager-nim, Head of Department Lee Junghye-nim, Assistant Manager Oh Saemi-nim, and Hye-in nuna! Thank you. Also want to thank the New Artist Development team, which is very special to me. Manager Park Jaehyun-nim, Head of Department Shin Minjung-nim, Il-shik hyung, Sang-mi nuna, Sena nuna, Woon-sun nuna, thank you.

I want to thank all of Cube and A-cube artists for giving me so much advice. Beast, 4Minute, G.NA, A-Cube’s Mario, Hu-gak and A-pink sunbae-nim, Jihoon hyung, I thank you all.

Tinkerbell stylist team!! Hwae-won nuna, Sunkyung nuna and Da-eun thank you! Gang-ho the Red Carpet, who makes our visual appearance. I want to thank all the staff from Red Carpet; Kang Ho, the main stylist, Ms.Young Ran, Hyojung nuna, Ok Jae nuna, Taeji nuna, I-Seul nuna. I also want to thank the make up artists. The department head Jooyoung, Ms.Yoojin, Haneum nuna, Areum nuna, minah nuna, soojin nuna, Jiwon nuna, thank you!

I want to thank our chroeography team Sehwan hyung, Taebum hyung, Oksun Hyung. Thank you! I also want to thank Zanybros for shooting our music video so extravangtly. Director Hong Wonki and the rest of the staff, thank you very much. And precious Song Yumi teacher, who helped me to hone my talent, thank you. Lee Gilsang teacher, thank you. I also want to thank Raehee teacher, Eu-Jung teacher, Jinnie teacher! I also want to thank HoonKyu teacher for teaching me acrobatics. Janghoon teacher, who taught me acting, thank you. Sungyong teacher, I always thank you, I will work out very hard!!

Also I want to thank some people who are very special to me. My mentor Head of Department Yunjung-nim…I love you, please always be with me. I am always very thankful. Kyusang hyung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always thankful to you. I love you. If you didn’t have a hold on me I wouldn’t be at where I am right now. Thank you^^ Yongduk hyung!! I always thank you over and over again^^. Junghwan hyung, to me you’re still the best..I love you. Jungkwang hyung!! I love you.  Jungmin hyung!! I love you ^^ My precious DQ!!!!!!!! Hoonjin hyung, Hongrak hyung, Sunmi nuna, Dasom nuna, Miyeon nuna, I love you.  We’re always one^^  And To our trainee friends!! Always work hard and fighting!!^^ To everyone on this letter, and also those of you who I couldn’t write down, but influenced my life, if you guys weren’t with me, the Changsub today would never have existed.  Because of you all I was able to overcome my hard times, and you guys are the reason why I stay humble and selfless.  BTOB is not a seven member group, everyone who needs to be thanked are all BTOB members.  I am also not alone.  I will run endlessly, always working hard and always staying humble.  Please give us a lot of strength so we won’t slow down.  Thank you.



Hyunsik’s Thanks To

[TRANS] My pretty mom who let Lim HyunSik exist, the coolest dad in the world who gave me music in my blood, the one and only YoonSik Hyung who I am proud of and miss a lot, my grandmother, I am really thankful and love you all a lot. Thank you so much to Hong SeungSung CEO who gave me this oppurtunity to achieve my dream. Representative Shin JungHwa, President Park Choongmin-nim, President Lee Soohyun-nim, Vice President Lee Soohyun-nim, Branch Manager Kim HyungGyu-nim, Yongbok hyung, Branch leader Oh Jiho, thank you very much.  BTOB’s another members, the cool hyungs Yongwoon hyung, Jiyong hyung, Yonghyun hyung, Jongwon hyung thank you! Let’s keep fighting from now on.  Long distance cousin Im Sanghyuk PD-nim, Jaewoo hyung, Yongbae hyung and Kim Dohun composer, who write really good songs for us, and will write for us in the future.  Thank you Jaebin hyung for always having us record!! I thank all the new debut development team, who’ve made BTOB and the me right now.  Park Jaehyun branch manager, Shin Minjung Team Leader, Sangmi nuna, Ilshik hyung, Sena nuna, Taehyun hyung, Woonsun nuna, Dongmin hyung, Kangmin hyung, thank you so much!!  We really want to see us on top!  I also want to thank your management team.  Sehun hyung, Joonkun hyung, Jiho hyung, Jintaek hyung, Hyejung nuna, Youngchan hyung, Taemin hyung, thank you! Thank you Hyojin Team Leader for scheduling good interviews for us.  I also want to thank our coordination team for all their support.  Inyoung nuna, Jia nuna, Yeonsoo hyung and Daewon hyung, thank you! I also want to thank Soyeon nuna, Dayeon nuna from the Fan Marketing Department, for bringing good images to us.  I also want to thank you Visual Art Team, Kim Jong hun Team manager-nim, Jung junghyun Team leader-nim, Section Chief Kim Duk Hwan, Jisun nuna, thank you! I want to thank the Art team’s Park Jungchan Department Manager, Lee Junghye Team Leader, Semi nuna, Hyein nuna.  I also want to thank Engineer Cho Sungjun-nim.  Thank you Hwaewon nuna from Tinkerbell, for styling us so nicely.  Im your Peter Pan^^ and Sunkyung nuna, Heeran nuna, Eunhye nuna, Hansaem, thank you very much!!  I also want to thank Mr.Kangho, Okjae nuna, Hyojung nuna, Youngran nuna, Taejin nuna, Jinu hyung for the cool hairs.  I also want to thank the Make-up department Mon Junyoung Department Manager, Ms.Yoojin, Ms.Sena, Ms.Hyemi, thank you.  Thank you, all of Fate Studio, including Sangmoo hyung, Kim Youngjun Department Manager, photographer Mok Najung, for really cool pictures.  I also want to thank Janis Bros’ Director Hong Wongi and the rest of the staffs for filming us such a cool music video.  Sehwan hyung, Taebum hyung, Jaia and Oksun hyung, thank you for cool chreography.

Thank you Jungwan hyung, Jungkwan hyung and Jungmin hyung, for teaching me how to dance for the first time.  Also, thank you Joonjin hyung and teacher Boram.  Kyungsang hyung, our MasterQ!! Thank you very much and I love you!!  Thank you teacher Hyunjoo, teacher Yoomi, teacher Raehee, teacher Jieun, teacher Jiyeon and teacher Kilsang, for teaching us how to sing.  Also thank you teacher Joohyuk and teacher Junkyu.  Thank you teacher Sungyong for giving me confidence by helping me to work out!! I will definitely repay you. The beautiful teacher Minhwa, teacher YURI, teacher Hyejin, thank you for helping me not to forget my Chinese and English.  teacher Janghun, thank you for giving me an interest in acting.

Teacher Hoonkyu thank you for struggling with my stiff body.  To my guitar teacher Mr.Donghyun and Mr.Jungyu, thank you for teaching me how to write songs.  ”We live in Chungdam-Dong“‘s Kim Sukyun PD nim, thank you for the opportunity!  Jungeun nuna thank you.  Squirrels, we are the original TT I am disappointed~

Our Eagle five! Number two Jaesung, number three Jinwoong, number four Wanjae, number five Jongbum.  I love you all very much.  We’re gonna stay together until the end!! Thank you Hercules’ Hebe.  Youngjun hyung I miss you! Wo an ni.  Jaehyung hyung, Sukjin hyung, Myunoh hyung, Jiyoon hyung, Bumjoon hyung, I miss you.  I will succeed!

APink, whom we have a lot of memories with, G.Na nuna, who always takes care of me, 4Minute, who are most beautiful in person, and always so reliable and supportive, Beast Hyungs, who I want to get closer even if we don’t see each other often, Mario Sunbae-nim, who looks so cool cuz he looks like an African-American, Hugak sunbae-nim, who is very good at live stages, thank you all so much.  We will be a hoobae who is not disappointing. To our loving Cube trainees and Chinese team hyungs, Jihoon hyung, thank you all!!  Heewon nuna, who discovered me first and MNE founder, thank you.  Thank you, Teacher Wu from Shanghai Hyangmyung Middle school.  Thank you Melodies who were together from the start of BTOB and will always be together during the growth.  To my fellow BTOB members Eunkwang hyung, Minhyuk hyung, Changsub hyung, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae, I love you!! I want to thank the rest of people who have helped me to be where I am today, up until now.



Peniel’s Thanks To

[TRANS] I’d like to start off by thanking God. Without him none of this would’ve been possible. Whenever I had a hard time I knew I could always turn to him for comfort. “trust in the Lord with your heart: do not understand on your own understanding.” – proverbs 3:5 NLT – secondly I’d like to thank my family No Matter what I wanted to do, you guys were always there to support me. I could’ve have asked for a better family cuz you guys are the best! I love you guys so much!! ❤ Thanks for everything

President Hong SeungSung, Representative Shin JungHwa, Boss Park ChoongMin, Vice President Noh HyunTae, Boss Lee SooHyun, Director Kim HyungKyu, Director Oh JiHo, Director Park YongBok thank you! Always behind us and working hard for us YongWoonie Hyung thank you. Because they are always around us and taking care of us JiYongie Hyung, YongHyunie Hyung, JongWonie Hyung thank you very very much. Whenever we see them the caring manager Hyungs and Noonas SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, HyeJungie Noona, JinTaekie Hyung, YoungChanie Hyung, TaeMinie Hyung thank you. Making our songs from start to finish the creators Im SangHyuk PD, Sung JaeWoo PD, YongBae Hyung, JaeBinie Hyung, thank you very much. The persons that created Peu-tographer SoYeonie Noona and DaYeon Noona thank you. Proxy InYoung, JiA Noona, YeonSoo Hyung and Danny! Thank you!! The troubled HyoJin Noona who is with us at our interviews thank you. And the ones that records our videos Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Representative Kim DeokHwan, JiSun Noona thank you. To the ones thaht make the albums and designs Director Park JeongChan, Team Leader Lee JungHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona thank you. For a long time, I haven’t done well but the Rookie Development Team that took good care of me JaeHyun Hyung, MinJung Noona, SangMi Noona, SeNa Noona, WoonSun Noona, thank you. And to those that helped me grow my dancing skills GilSangie Hyung, JungMinie Hyung, SeHwanie Hyung, TaeBumie Hyung, OkSeonie Hyung thank you very much. And to the lessons that helped me grow my vocal skills Teacher TaeKyung, thank you also so much!! Teacher Min HaNa and Teacher SungEun thank you. And to Teacher DongHyuk who taught me other things thank you. And to the stylists that have us wear our cool clothes Hee Won Noona, HeeRan Noona, HanSaem Noona, EunHye Noona, SunKyung Noona, thank you. And the ones the prettily styles our hair and make-up Chief KangHo, Vice Chief EunJoo, Ms. MinJi, Red Carpet Team thank you very much. Kim YoungCheol Sunbaenim and SeongWonie Hyung please take care of me from now on. The ones who has our pictures come out nicely Photographer Park SangMoo, Mr. Kim YoungJoon, Photographer Mok NaJung thank you. The ones that make our music videos look cool Director Hong WonKi. The one who brought me from the states JiYoung Noona, HeeWon Noona and the ones who took great care of me in Korea JiHyung Noona, KiJae Hyung, JungEun noona, JiHwanie Hyung thanks so so much! And wh ofirst taught me how to dance Teacher HyungWoong and Teacher JinWook, Teacher Tofu! For making the lessons fun when I dance thank you! The one who first taught me how to sing Teacher GaYoung and together troubled when we were a band Teacher Song YooMi, and Teacher Shin YooMi who is friendly during lessons thank you very much! And the one who made lessons very very fun Teacher HoonKyu! Since childhood those who have continued to teach me because I wanted to learn thank you! And the one teaching Korean until Chinese Teacher LeeHang ! Thank you so much!!

And to my first rap teacher Teacher SungBae! Thanks for teaching me everything you taught me! I’m very thankful. Also thanks to my only family in Korea, Jinu Hyung, Anne Noona, Langston. Love you guys!!^^ thanks for taking care of me in Korea! You guys are awesome guardians!!!

My aunt and uncle that treat me like a son, and SangRim Noona that treates me like a brother thank you very much!^^ And 4Minute Sunbaes, Beast Sunbaes, G.Na Sunbaenim, Mario Sunbaenim, Huh Gak Sunbaenim, A Pink Sunbaes, Miss A Sunbaes, Wonder Girls Sungbaes, 2PM Sunbaes, San-E Sunbaenim, Joo Sunbaenim! Thank you for always having me do well and saying good words (to me) before debut! And Go3 Teacher DamIm! Teacher Park GilSoo! Thank you for working hard!

And to our fans!! For trying to understand my broken Korean thank you >_< Whenever I have free time I will study more Korean! From now on, because I will work even harder please support and love us more!!! Thank you!!!!^^



Ilhoon’s Thanks To

[TRANS] To God the Father who is always watching over me, to Mom and Dad who gave birth to me and to my dear older sister thank you. And to all the Melodies I love you!!!

President Hong SeungSung even though I am lacking thank you for letting me debut…!!! Representative Shin JungHwa, Boss Park ChoongMin, Vice President Noh HyunTae, YongBokie Hyung and Director Oh JiHo! Thank you. And, to YongWoonie Hyung, JiYongie Hyung, YongHyunie Hyung, JongWonie Hyung who continue to suffer because of they really love us, thank you!!!!

Again, to the next generation copyright tycoon who always writes good songs Im SangHyuk PD-nim, who gives us proper guidance Director Kim DoHoon, to JaeWoo Hyung, YongBae Hyung, YongChanie Hyung who sold our spirits, and JaeBinie Hyung who continues to record our songs, thank you!!

And to the Rookie Development Team that raised me well, Director Kim HyungGyu, Director Park JaeHyun, Team Leader Shin MinJung, SangMi Noona, SeNa Noona, IlShikie Hyung, WoonSun Noona, JungEun Noona, Thank you very much!! I’ll reward you when I become a huge singer!!!!

And to the Management team, SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, JinTaekie Hyung, HyeJung Noona, YoungChanie Hyung, TaeMinie Hyung thank you. To our Team Leader HyoJin who always has us meet with the good reporters!!! Thank you! Although not seen around but always working hard for us the Planning Team Boss Lee SooHyun, InYoung Noona, JiAh Noona, YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWonie Hyung thank you very much. To the Fan Marketing team who always makes our image look good SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona. Visual Art Team Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Proxy Kim DeokHwan, JiSun Noona thank you very much!! Management Support Team Supervisor Kim SangGyoon, Proxy Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona thank you!!!

Art Web Team Director Park JeongChan, Team Leader Lee JungHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona thank you!! General Manager Engineer Jo SeongJoon thank you! To the stylists who make us wear good and pretty clothes HeeWon Noona, HeeRan Noona, EunHye Noona, HanSaem Noona, SeonKyung Noona, DaEun Noona, SooYoung Noona!!! Really thank you!!!! And styling us with cool hair Director KangHo, WookJae Noona, HyoJung Noona, YoungRan Noona, TaeJin Noona and for make-up Mr. Moon JooYoung, Ms. Yoojin, Ms. SeNa, Ms. HyeMi thank you! Taking pretty pictures SangMoo Hyung, Mr. Kim YoungJoon, Photographer Mok NaJeong thank you! And for filming our cool music videos Supervisor Hong WonKi, Johnny Bros. Family Thank you!! Again and again!!! Always giving good choreography SeHwanie Hyung and TaeBumie Hyung! And OkSunie Hyung thank you! And my life’s first dance teacher JeongWanie Hyung, again JeongKwanie Hyung, JeongMinie Hyung! HoonJinie Hyung, Boram Noona and… Master Q!!!! Thank you, I love you really!!!! Although I lack in skills, for teaching me how to sing Teacher GilSang thank you. keke For teaching me acrobatics Teacher HoonKyu! Thank you! Teacher DJ Schedule thank you! Teaching me Japanese Teacher JiHoon and Teacher MinAh!!! Thank youㅠㅠ And the three lovely sisters Teacher SeongEun, Teacher [?]Jang and especially Teacher HaNa thank you. keke body building Teacher SeongRyong thank you!

And my company seniors Beast Hyungs, 4Minute noonas and my friend SoHyunie, G.Na Noona, Mario Sunbaenim, JiHoonie Hyung, YeRin Noona thank you!!! NaEunie, YooKyungie, HaYoungie, NamJoo I really cherish and thank you! ChoRong Noona, BoMi Noona, EunJi Noona thank you!! And to my CUBE Trainee friends I really love you, also my dongsaeng HyeRin keke And to my dear friends I love you. My lifelong friends JeongHyunie, HyukSoonie, JinKyu and HoSungie, HyeYeonie, Genius DongHyukie, Genius NamJoonie thanks keke To JaeHwan-ah that’s in the U.S, when there’s time let’s see each other immediately keke

Anyways, to the cherished everyone that loves me really thank you so much. I love you all… And lastly, EunKwangie Hyung! MinHyukie Hyung! ChangSubie Hyung! HyunSikie Hyung! Peniel Hyung! SungJae! I love and thank you! Fighting!!!!!!!x1000



Sungjae’s Thanks To 

[TRANS] First, Mom and Dad for bringing me into this world!! Also my always supportive and caring noona! I love you so much~~ For allowing us 7 of BTOB to exist, Thanks to President Hong SeungSung, Representative Shin JungHwa, President Park ChoongMin, Vice-President Noh HyunTae, Director Oh JiHo. We will work hard!!

Being by our side from now on, YongWoonie Hyung, YongBokie Hyung, JiYongie Hyung, SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, JinTaekie Hyung, HyeJung Noona, YoungChanie Hyung, TaeMinie Hyung! I hope you get along YongHyunie Hyung, JongWonie Hyung! And really thank youㅜㅜ To the Rookie Development Team for making the person I am Director Kim HyungKyu, Director Park JaeHyun, MinJung Noona, SeNa Noona, IlSikie Hyung, and especially SangMi Noona^^ Whenever we meet, always receive friendly greetings WoonSun Noona, TaeHyunie Hyung, again continuing to make cool music JaeWoo Hyung, YongBae Hyung from now on please give us good music! Whenever we’re recording, inensely stabs our problems with their Godly hands Im SangHyuk PD, Director Kim DoHoon, I definitely will not forget. KyuSangie Hyung, JungWonie Hyung, JungKwanie Hyung, JungMinie Hyung, HoonJinie Hyung, BoRam Noona, makers of cool choreography SeHwanie Hyung, TaeBumie Hyung, OkSunie Hyung I’m sorry for not contacting you more frequently. Teacher GilSang, Teacher HoonKyu, Teacher JangHoon, Teacher WeeJung, Teacher SungRyong, Teacher RaeHwa, Teacher JiHoon, Teacher MinAh, I’ll work hard.

Teacher SsanCho!!! Okuda Mina-Chan who I met just for a short while~ Although they are busy, interviewing for BTOB and writing introductions Team Leader An HyoJin, Planning Team President Lee SooHyun, YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWonie Hyung, SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona, InYoung Noona, Visual Art Team Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Proxy Kim DeokHwan and SeonBoonie Noona keke Management Support Team Supervisor Kim SangKyoon, Proxy Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona, Art Web Team Director Park JungChan, Team Leader Lee JungHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona and Writer Jo SungJoon, JaeBInie Hyung thank you very much!

And the ones that make our cool clothes HeeWon Noona, HanSaem Noona, EunHye Noona, HeeRan Noona! From now on, please give me more bling-bling outfits~ The one who makes my cool hair Director KangHo, the ones that does my pretty make-up Ms. Moon JooYoung, everyone of the red carpet let’s stay by each other’s side^^

The Music Video is totally cool. Director Hong WonKi thank you! From now on please continue to take cool photos SangMoo Hyung, Mr. Kim YoungJoon. SBS MTV Lee HanYoung PD and all the included staff thank you. And who has taught me a lot Teacher Kim YoungCheol, SungWonie Hyung from now on please take good care of me. And who has contonued to help us Beast Sunbaes, 4Minute Sunbaes, G.Na Sunbaenim, Mario Sunbaenim, Huh Gak Sunbaenim, and again to the pretty A Pink Sunbaes, thank you!!

And to our pretty and cool trainee Hyungs, Noonas, Friends and Dongsaengs~! JiHoonie Hyung I wish you the best!! Let’s definitely meet at the broadcasting stations!keke

And I have not forgotten. Seo Woncho, Seo WonJoong, Chang HyunGo, Halim and friends!! When you’ve grown cooler let’s meet! And finally my BTOB Hyungs! I really love you! Let’s hit the big time!!!!^^



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