[FANACCS] 130406 BTOB’s Press Play @ Taiwan


btob boys are playing “big wind blows” (大风吹) sungjae,eunkwang,hyunsik and changseob are eliminated~

they chose 5fans to play games~ they sing chinese song and fans have to guess.. first song hyunsik sang is 不愿让你一个人..

the songs sang by the boys~
minhyuk 那些年
ilhoon 当爱已成往事

they also sang :
minhyuk -我爱你



minhyuk’s group was eliminated and eunkwang was burst into laughterXD

eunkwang and ilhoon’s group won~ the prizes are…..have a picture with them OMG FML



who love to sleep: hyunsik..he ownself says that everyday he have to sleep up to more than 10hrs.. ilhoon say obviously he is sleeping 24hrs

sungjae keep on scratching XD



everyone said they think that eunkwang is the “aegyo” member~

MC ask them who you want to see doing aegyo..they all agreed by choosing ilhoon..so he did it..

member that eats well – minhyuk.. he said that he can eat up the whole pot of rice

the member that remembers dance steps well-changseob
ilhoon then tried to dance and changseob remembered it all

member that likes to joke- Eunkwang

member best in pose-ing – peniel

fans ask minhyuk to pose…now is time for choosing fans’ question for every member..a question per member

Ilhoon and Hyunsik are doing bobo while Minhyuk and Eunkwang are hugging

members are showing what they will do before sleep..sungjae and ilhoon dance trouble maker



Ilhoon just realized that he raps in his sleep. HAHAHAHAHA.

The members said that Peniel sleeps naked and Minhyuk attempted to take off his clothes.



If Eunkwang was a girl he would choose to date Hyunsik!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

After saying that hyunsik strips before sleeping….. he …. faced his back to the crowd and pulled his shirt up!! ><

Second confession’s promotion will be v short. ):



#btobpressplayintaiwan sungjae keep scratching himself. the MC even ask everyone to stop to let him scratch XD



Credits: BTOBArea, _910620 & vivaYONGYONG
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
Please take out with full credits


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