[NEWS] 130406 BTOB firstly in Taiwan, To hold fan meet later today

Korean boy group BTOB has made their first visit to Taiwan yesterday (April 5th) in order to rehearse for their fan meet which happens today.

Although they have debuted for a short one year, they’ve managed to attract around 100 fans at the airport yesterday. As a result of passionate teenager fans surrounding them, the 7 members faced difficulties as they tried to leave the airport which lasted up to 10 minutes.

It was BTOB’s first time in Taiwan and they seemed to be filled with curiosity for Taiwanese snacks. Their seniors BEAST and 4minute also recommended Taiwan’s famous bubble tea, blended mango ice, fried chicken chop and many other more snacks.

BTOB’s Hyunsik even flaunted his Mandarin skill, “I’m really happy to be in Taiwan. I’m Hyunsik” and, “To my dearest Taiwan fans, I’m excited and nervous, please do support us a lot”. He had learned 2 years of Mandarin skill while  furthering his studies in Shanghai. When asked if they had prepared anything to give fans for tonight’s fan meet, they teasingly replied, “We have a specially-prepared surprise, but it’s a secret now.” He also revealed that in addition that that surprise, they will be singing an English song for fans.

Recently, the Kiyomi song made its name from Korea till Taiwan. It’s a compilation of cute finger poses that are popularly parodied among fans. The original creator of Kiyomi (Player) is none other than BTOB’s Jung IlHoon. His Kiyomi Player was then developed into a song by female singer Hari. When asked about questions regarding ‘Kiyomi Player’, they refused to answer as it was not in the list of questions.

Tonight, BTOB will be performing in Taipei International Convention Center at 6.30pm for their fan meet in Taiwan. With surprises to be presented to fans, perhaps IlHoon might show off his original version of ‘Kiyomi Player’ later today?

Source: koreastardaily
Credits: loveindacube
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
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