[INFO] 130410 BTOB @ 就是愛JK 韓國趴趴走 (TRANS)


01:32 – 01:50
[MC] I’m here at CUBE CAFE once again today. Although I’ve been here before, but today, i’m here upon the invitation from BTOB. Also, BTOB has asked me to meet them here. So, what does BTOB plan to introduce to us, or what interesting things that happen in this cafe?

02:19 – 02:50
[MC] oh~ Sungjae! Hello
[Sungjae, Eunkwang, Peniel] Hello
[Sungjae] Here is CUBE CAFE. Welcome!
[MC] Congrats
[Sungjae] First of all… here is the entrance. After entering from here, on the right side, is shelves with albums, with official goods
[Eunkwang] it’s albums albums (correcting Sungjae)
[Peniel] official goods is at there (point to the other shelf)
[Sungjae] here also have goods
[Sungjae] fine
[Sungjae] this part here is all signed albums

[Sungjae] Also on the floor there are our palm prints

03:08 – 03:21
[Caption] This is Sungjae’s palm print. and also Changseob’s.
[Sungjae] Starting from BTOB (from the entrance). There is also chairman’s palm print. For remembrance purpose, that’s why we use palm prints.

03:22 – 03:24
[Sungjae] as for the other side, there are a lot of new stuffs. Follow us~

[Sungjae] there is also Jihoon hyung’s

[MC] oh! it’s all G.NA stuffs! (the shelf beside the MC)

04:08 – 04:39
[MC] it’s because G.NA is currently promoting new album, so it’s all G.NA’s stuffs here. Is it that when the artist is promoting, this part will become his/hers?
[Sungjae] Because this time is senior G.NA’s comeback, comeback title song is “Oops!”, together with BTOB member Ilhoon, so they are currently actively promoting. Please give lots of support.
[Eunkwang] this shelf is for artist that are promoting, so the stuffs inside will change accordingly.
[Sungjae] (points at G.NA’s album) sexy

04:40 – 04:42
[MC] and then, at this area, you can see a lot of official goods

04:43 – 04:46
[MC] wow~ all these are new goods, it’s different from what I saw last time

04:48 – 05:00
[Peniel] This shelf here, are all CUBE’s artists’ official goods. Merchandise.
[MC] Ah~ ‘ji nian ping’ (meaning souvenir)
[Peniel] ‘ji nian ping’

05:04 – 05:12
[Peniel] Here you can see a lot of BEAST goods, there is cushion
[Sungjae] notebook
[Peniel] and notebook. BEAST stuffs

05:17 – 05:19
[Sungjae] where’s ours?
[Peniel] ah here is ours

05:24 – 05:25
[Peniel] and G.NA noona’s goods. and also Jihoon hyung’s goods

[Peniel] *asking sungjae and eunkwang* when will ours be available?
[Caption] It’s available already It’s available already

[Peniel] Please bring the A4 file to school~

[Caption] Sexy sexy sexy (referring to Hyuna cushion)

[Peniel] there are also goods for supporting purpose

06:24 – 06:34
[MC] So, do you guys come here often?
[Eunkwang] yea, that’s right
[Peniel] We come here often. We come here every morning
[Sungjae] When we feel thirsty during practice, we will come down to have a drink

06:57 – 07:23
[MC] Do you all have any favourite drink in this cafe? what do you all like to drink usually?
[Eunkwang] erm the one I like.. first of all, there are many types of drinks. Coffee, Tea, Latte, Ice Blended. For me, I like Yogurt Ice Blended.
[Eunkwang] Sungjae, what do you like to drink?
[Sungjae] I also like Yogurt Ice Blended.
[Penel] for me, chocolate. chocolate latte. Iced chocolate latte
[Eunkwang] all drinks are tasty

[MC] This is the drink that BTOB specially recommended. This drink is Yogurt Ice Blended

[MC] G.NA! (referring to the cup holder)

08:09 – 08:28
[MC] Do you all come here often?
[Eunkwang] Above here (the cafe), is our practice room. When we get hungry during practice, we’ll come down to eat. Food is also sold here (the cafe). There is also rice ball. We’ll just eat rice ball when we’re hungry. That’s why we come here often.
[Caption] super convenient~
[MC] wow~ then next time when I come, I must try out the rice ball. It’s very delicious?
[Peniel, Eunkwang, Sungjae] of course! very delicious!

08:33 – 08:48
[MC] BTOB frequently coming to the cafe, I believe there must be lots of fans that frequently come here to see you guys
[Eunkwang] yes
[Sungjae] Sometimes when we come down to grab a drink, and saw the fans that sat here, we’ll wave to the fans like this (waves hands and say hello repeatedly)

*scene moves from CUBE CAFE to CUBE Practice Rooms*

09:13 – 10:06
[MC] I can hear drums sound here. There is someone playing drums inside. This is a band practice room!
[Caption] who is it (playing the drums)?
[Caption] is Changseob~
[MC] Changseob is practicing on drums here
[MC] Changseob, this place is? usually what do you all do here?
[Changseob] Ah, this is the band practice room for CUBE’s artists. So, sometimes when I want to relieve stress, or when I want to play drums, sometimes I will come here. Just like that.
[MC] Then, we’ll invite Changseob to show us his drumming skills today. Please perform a bit.

*Changseob plays the drum*
[Caption] So cool so cool *.*

10:28 – 10:34
[MC] I heard very nice piano melody, in this practice room. Someone is practicing playing piano

[MC] Oh! he is singing while playing piano
[Caption] Who is it~

10:41 – 10:46
[MC] Is Hyunsik! Lets take a look inside. oh, sounds so nice

10:48 – 11:09
[MC] Hello. Hyunsik was playing the piano just now. erm, what song are you playing just now?
[Hyunsik] this song is a korean song, senior 이적’s “빨래”
[MC] 洗衣服 洗衣服 洗衣服 (洗衣服 is the translated title of the song in chinese, meaning clothes washing)
[MC] Then, lets invite Hyunsik to play the piano
[Hyunsik] A little (he spoke in chinese)
[MC] A little. okay

*Hyunsik starts playing piano and sings*

[Caption] Full of emotions~

[Caption] Hyunsik smile secretly looking at the camera

11:45 – 12:05
[Minhyuk] The place we’re at now is CUBE’s artists’ dance practice room.
[Minhyuk] This room that you all are looking at now is the place where the awesome dance choreographies of BEAST, 4MINUTE, G.NA, BTOB and Jihoon are created.
[Minhyuk] Right now, BTOB Ilhoon is in the room, dancing. Lets go in together and have a look.

12:09 – 12:19
[MC] Ilhoon is dancing
[Minhyuk] Ah yes. (to Ilhoon) please come over for a while
[Minhyuk] Are you practicing dance alone right now?
[Ilhoon] yea, I am
[Minhyuk] Ah, why?
[Ilhoon] just for practice
[MC] to improve your dance skills
[Caption] Close brother relationship~ Holding hands~

12:22 – 12:33
[Ilhoon] What dance do you want to see? (to Minhyuk) since you’re here, lets dance a bit
[Minhyuk] Okay
[Ilhoon] Alright. Then, we’ll show to the viewers, how our dance practice looks like

*Ilhoon and Mnhyuk start dancing*

[Caption] Their relationship is really good~




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  1. you know, taking people’s translation without crediting is rude. Do you know how much time i spent on translating this video, yet to see people taking my translation as their own? it sucks.

    • hello.
      i’m sorry to hear that, but was one of my collegues that made this post. i’ll put the credits right now. can you tell in which name i put the credits?
      and i just saw you comment. once again, i’m sorry.

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