[FANACC] 130601 BTOB’s Mini Concert @ JungDong Branch

While Ilhoon did an introduction in Chinese, Sungjae did in hell-language, Minhyuk in alien-language and Eunkwang in um Mongolian.

After Wow everyone was wiping their sweat except Ilhoon. Kim Giri noticed that and asked him to demonstrate wiping sweat sexily so he did.

The stage was kinda small so they kept bumping into each other and had to like squeeze in between so they were laughing alot of times.

During I Only Know Love, dang.. Hyunsik and Ilhoon were intense I could cry. Sungjae apparently mouthed ‘They really did it” on his mic.

During photo time with a lucky fan, she went to Ilhoon and folded her arm around Ilhoon’s but being the weird kid that he is, instead he raised both their hands up like she just won a frikkin boxing match or sth and then the rest decided to join in too. They looked funny T.T



Credits: fullciiircle
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
Please take out with full credits


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