[INFO] [I will be your Melody..!!!!] Event Details:




[Event Period] 7th June 2013 (Friday) ~ 12th June 2013 (Wednesday)

[Event Details]

– Fill in the application form on the official cafe at ‘Melody Song Request’ (Melody 신청곡) section [Found on the left of the fan cafe page]
– Title: [Melody Song Request] –> Use this [Melody 신청곡]
– Contents: Song Request (Name of singer, Song Title)/ Which member would you want to hear the song from? (Solo, Unit[Select 2 or more members], etc)/ Reason

1. Each person can only send in one application!!
2. Please fill in the form according to fancafe rules. (Those who do not comply will result in their post being deleted)
3. Please submit your applications according to the application period.
4. Please refrain from editing your post after submitting
5. If you would like to request for different songs from different members, please submit them within one post (Solo, Unit, Etc)
6. The members will be choosing the songs and will probably be recording it live and uploading it, therefore please choose songs that the members would be able to sing.
7. Please do not select existing BTOB songs but songs from other artistes.


shared by: lau@BTOBportugal.com
Please take out with full credits


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