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Who is the cutest? 

It was while searching for the concept of this photoshoot that BTOB’s digital single ‘2nd Confession’ came out. Immediately, ‘cute’ became the obvious theme choice for this shoot. Was it the image of a younger man confessing his love to an older woman? Once the question of who was the cutest among the members arose, the concept was completed.

It would be simple to answer the question if the members were compared for their cuteness. The members were asked to strike cute poses and pose like they were fighting. They engaged in the poses so passionately that it was at times worrisome that they would actually start fighting. Who will Kwave readers think of as the winner? Find the answer to the question in the following interview.

The Faint Memories of the Songs from the 90’s

Kwave: “I read an interview that said that BTOB’s role model is g.o.d. They did dominate an era, but they now only exist in memory. The choice of g.o.d seems somewhat unusual for an idol group, what’s the reason?”

ChangSub: “g.o.d. created very popular music. We picked them as our role model in the hopes that many people, regardless of gender or age will give us their love.”

SungJae: “I grew up listening to the same music as my mother. These days, that is a rare thing. My mother an I really liked g.o.d. and that was very pleasant. I thought, “If I become a singer, it would be nice to make such music.” I suppose you could say that it was natural for them to become my role model.”

Kwave: “I am of the g.o.d. Generation and I was a fan.”

IlHoon: “g.o.d.’s songs have warm lyrics and melodies. Many of their songs were encouraging to those who found life difficult. We want to be like that.”

Kwave: “Songs like “One Candle” fit that description. It seems that many BTOB fans are curious about this. Tell us how you were influenced by other 90s groups in addition to g.o.d.”

EunKwang: “It would be difficult to pinpoint how 90s songs influenced us.   They were the songs we were listening to as we grew up. They were our idols, and there are many we want to emulate.”

Kwave: (Yook SungJae, the youngest member, was born in 1995.) “Aren’t 90s songs unfamiliar to you?”

SungJae: “There is an element of unfamiliarity but I have always liked old music even when I was young. As I have looked for old songs to listen to a lot, they are not very unfamiliar.”

EunKwang: “That’s right. He really liked old songs. Maybe he is a little unusual?”

Men Who Bring Healing

Kwave: “The conceot of today’s shoot was a faceoff between cute men. I wanted to give it a feel of ‘I will defeat you to win noona (older sister).’ Who is the cutest among you? Who is the guy who can appeal to women with cuteness?”

IlHoon: “I think out leader is the cutest.”

EunKwang: “Me too (laughs).”

HyunSik: “I think it’s difficult to see cuteness in others as we are all men. There is no real need to act cute here. But, everyone here does it well on stage. In terms of looks, IlHoon has a cute face. So, IlHoon?”

Kwave: “What are the themes of the song ‘2nd Confession’?

HyunSik: “First, I want to point out that it is easy to listen to. Also, the narration before the song is unique.”

Kwave: “The narration has received a positive response.”

SungJae: “Yes, I am very happy. Many of the post on various websites said that the song had a healing effect. This means that the fans were encouraged by ‘2nd Confession’ People also say that they listen to the song on their way to work or to school. Reading such comments also gives us encouragement.”

ChangSub: “I think the listener should not feel burdened when listening to music. I want it to be a song that comes to people naturally, rather than a song that people have to go out of their way mentally to listen to.”


Kwave: “You sang the OST (original sound track) for When a Man Falls in Love (a 2013 MBC TV series) with BEAST. What was it like to work with another group?”

ChangSub: “First we have the same management company and we are close. There was no real difficulty. But BEAST showed a definite level of expertise based on their greater experience. It was easy to see the points we need to learn.”

Kwave: “So it was a feeling of being led by those with more experience?”

Peniel: “It was like that. They had an easier time than us working with the producer. It was easy to realize that carrying a conversation and negotiating as they did would result in better songs. I felt that they were real professionals.”

Kwave: “You guys are also professionals.”

ChangSub: “Yes, but they are on the next level. Their inner force is different.”

Kwave: “What is BTOB’s strength compared to BEAST?”

IlHoon: “BEAST has consolidated their position as a group with strong performances. I think that we are a group with strong vocals.”

EunKwang: ” I am the main vocalist, but because everyone else is good, I don’t think there is a need for a main vocalist.”

Kwave: “Could their vocal capabilities by a driving force in creating the feel of a 90s song?”

EunKwang: “Yes, we think so.”



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