[INFO] 130706 BTOB @ SATZONE Interview


Minhyuk: there’s lots of things we’re impressed with this time that we’re here, including the lovely fans and delicious food like Padthai. Our fans made us Padthai too, it was very delicious.
Eunkwang: For me it’s thai boxing, Peniel and Changsub also likes thai boxing.
Minhyuk: right now we have a song 2nd confession which is a very romantic song. about a man who already broke up with his girlfriend but wants to return to her again so he confesses his feelings.
if i was that man, in real life i would not only confess but show it through my actions that i love her very much.
Sungjae: if it were me, i would publicly announce though newspapers
Minhyuk: that’d be great, but are really that open?
Sungjae: I’m a pretty open person. I’m serious about the announcing in newspapers.
[fake newspaper headline: btob’s sungae falls in love?]
when you guys are free what do you do together?
ilhoon: we do everything together. for instance watch movies,
eunkwang: shopping,
sungjae: playing games, we play it often.
ilhoon: yes computer games, because we sleep in the same room, we’re always together
as a leader, who is the member that is hardest to control?
eunkwang: usually the members are good kids, but there is one that is naughty. that is ilhoon.
yep, this guy, ilhoon is a bit naughty. when practicing if told to walk slowly, he would walk ridiculously slow, like somewhat playing with us
minhyuk: he walks like this, very slow
ilhoon: nope it’s not like that, the staff said to walk slow so i did. actually i really listen to the staff.
eunkwang: like today we agreed on everyone waking up at 7.30, but he was the only one who woke up at 8
ilhoon: no no
sungjae: yes yes that is true
ilhoon: no it’s no t like that
sungjae: even when we go to shows
ilhoon: no~
sungjae: the staff tells him to wave to the right, but instead he waves to the left
eunkwang: actually theres someone else too, but that’s it for today
minhyuk looks like a strong/manly man but fans think of him as a good looking flower boy, why is that?
minhyuk: just a personality of mine. i think i want to show fans my good side, that is a sweet face, and strong body.
so peniel you just traveled back to america for a concert, visited your family. so how do you fell and what did you get to do?
peniel: I’m very happy, it was a long time that i didn’t get to go home. didn’t get to eat with my family for over 2 years already.
sungjae: he is really happy, wherever we go he will take photos and upload lots of them. every time it’s upload there will be an alert, my phone sings nonstop
they say you have eyes that make you fans melt, we want to know what part of your body you think has the most charm?
hyunsik: eyes, my eyes. and another thing is my body that looks strong.
ilhoon: don’t forget your teeth, that’s also is charming
ilhoon you get to go on shows and teach dances, now that you are here do you have any dance to teach us?
ilhoon: i’ve shown/taught dances in many programs but never taught a dance from my own song. so i though today i want to teach thai fans how to dance to our songs. let’s try 2nd confession.
last year everyone went crazy over maknae’s sungjae’s moves, so there’s a request for you to show new cute moves for the fans.
sungjae:i want to show it while i say something in thai. ruk na jub jub (love ya~ smooch smooch)
it’s not a new one but it’s something that i remembered well. truthfully, i did this like a thousand times already.
so last time you guys taught us the gwiyomi so we are going to teach one where thai kids do.
(the song pretty much describes the hand movement, putting fist up, turn, and waving)
next question, what are the good points of being in btob?
minhyuk: to good thing is that we get to be together, be happy, laugh together everyday.
lastly we would like you to say something to your fans
eunkwang: we really want to thank the fans for loving us, every time we are here they give us a warm welcome. thank you.
ilhoon: please love us lots, thank you


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