[NEWS] 130710 BTOB Seo Eunkwang shares musical debut thoughts, “Burdened…”

Seo Eunkwang has revealed his thoughts prior to his first performance signifying his musical debut.

BTOB Seo Eunkwang will be performing his first musical stage today (July 10th) for ‘Monte Cristo’. Seo Eunkwang plays the role of Albert in the musical.

Not long before his performance, Seo Eunkwang spoke to Newsen, “I trembled as like how I felt during BTOB’s debut. Somehow, I had the responsibility to eliminate those idol prejudices, so I feel burdensome too”, revealing his thoughts. Even so, “Thanks to many great seniors, I feel solid. I really want to do my part well”.


Seo Eunkwang wasn’t able to eat properly as he nervously waits for his performance to start. As a BTOB main vocalist, Seo Eunkwang’s powerful singing skills and rich expression have been recognized, and so, his musical debut gathers much attention as well.

EMK Musical expressed, “Seo Eunkwang’s bright image matches Albert’s character a lot, and his passion for musicals is really great, so we have decided to cast him”.


Source: Newsen
Credits: loveindacube
Shared by: Danie@BTOBPortugal
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